A web portal just-in-time

We are finally starting a specialized web portal for the employers and job seekers in the automotive industry. If you are asking why finally, the simple answer is that it is just in time!

It always suprised me that such a dominant industry in Slovakia as the automotive industry has no platform for a better employee mobility. Or, in other words, how it is possible that job seekers in this area have to navigate among thousands of advertisements for meaningless positions and the employers, instead of receiving professional CVs from experts, must first select out „hair dressers and receptionists“ in order to find car builders.

Do you find it strange? So do we. Therefore, we have decided to create the portal ajobs.eu, targeting mainly people from the automotive industry. It is a space where your CV will not get lost among thousands of others. A space, in which employers will seek out experienced experts. And this is good news, as it will help to revive the job market.

To give you a reason to visit our webpage more often, we have created an advisory service for you, through which your questions will be answered by our experts. Throughout our career, we have already collected a few of them, but we will definitely look forward to yours.

In near future, the portal will also include automotive job offers from the neighboring countries. Follow our blogs and discussions fora or sign up to receive our newsletter.

We wish you a great exprience in using our portal and hope it will help you find your dream job or the right employee.

Zuzana Kvočeková

new offer by e-mail:
ARTELA s.r.o.
Eisnerova 6
841 07 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

+421 (0)902 419 099

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