Who has the right to reside?

 7.7 2016, 09:44     Ľudské zdroje

EU migrant workers are people who are employed in another EU country and are entitled to live there.

The following members of a worker’s family have the right to reside in the same country, irrespective of their nationality:


registered partner (provided the host country treats registered partnerships as equivalent to marriage)

descendants who are under the age of 21 or are dependants

dependent relatives in the ascending line (e.g. parents, grandparents).

EU countries must also facilitate the entry and residence of:

other family members who are dependants or members of the worker’s household

other family members who require personal care due to serious health grounds

a partner demonstrated to have a durable relationship with the worker.

In the case of divorce, annulment of marriage, termination of registered partnership, death or departure of the worker, family members may retain the right of residence under certain specific conditions, insofar as they maintain the family relation and do not become a risk to public order or an economic burden for the State.

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