Finančný manažér

We are looking for a highly efficient person in finance based in Zavar. The person must have experience as a Finance Controller the best in automotive and high sense of urgency.

Information about job
  • Job location:
    Trnava region, Slovak Republic
  • Job location - more information:
    Zavar Prílohy 615/83
  • Professional area:
  • Salary offer (brutto):
    499,99 - EUR, mesačná mzda (brutto)-základná zložka
  • Príplatky, bonusy, benefity:
    13x salary, yearly bonus, car
  • Start date:
  • Type of work agreement:
  • Job description, rights and responsibilities:
    1 - Establish & coordinate different administrative services of the subsidiary
    Supervises account-keeping, compliance with legal requirements and Group standards, management of accountancy services and preparation of consolidated financial statement, in accordance with Group reporting standards
    Guarantees reliability and lead times for publication of company economic data ( budget, reporting and consolidation according to Group standards, Social audits according to local accounting requirements, local tax returns, cash flow, medium-term plan)
    Manages & Optimises cash with the support of the Business Unit / Corporate Treasury. Implements all means enabling funding of the subsidiary (contact with banks, search for funding, search for subventions)
    Ensures that all means are implemented to recover debts of the company (customer due payments, etc.)
    Guarantees reliability of cash forecasts in the short term (6 months) medium term (12 months) and in the scope of the medium term plan of the subsidiary.
    Accountable for the management control of the site and interface with the Financial network.
    Supervises local IT

    2 - Support Partner to the Operations
    Is a strong partner of the Plant Manager and the team to set and meet financial & operational targets, improve hourly rates, enforce internal controls & processes,
    Prepare & challenge medium & budget plans, forecasts, hourly rates or all plan-specific financial studies/projects, with a lead on associated action plans
    Validates profitability of investments and products
    Advises Plant Director / Business Unit / Finance network where appropriate (within field of expert knowledge)
    Carries out specific analysis at the request of the Plant Manager and Financial network.
    Represents the company as delegation of authority for tax and administrative organisations in the country concerned, banks and local insurance companies, local courts in the event of disputes/proceedings involving the company.

    3 - Manage their Business Activity
    According to the business activity objectives, establishes action plans and coordinates the missions of his/ her team in a consistent way.
    Proposes and controls the annual operational activity budget.
    Proposes necessary resources to achieve objectives and implements necessary actions for any changes in staff (recruitment, transfers, dismissals) and investments according to budget and social constraints.
    Follows activity performance indicators, implements corrective actions if necessary, and communicates them to teams
    Carries out the annual appraisal interviews, lays down the objectives of his/her team, by associating the functional ones, then ensures the deployment to the L-1 and L-2 levels
    Develops employee skills and proposes necessary training to maintain performance working with the Staff Manager
    Advises employees on their career development in agreement with the staff manager and promotes internal mobility
    Proposes wage increases, in agreement with the Staff Managers and within the framework of the HR Group policy
    Applies appropriate disciplinary measures to staff if necessary.
    Strives to maintain team motivation and a positive working atmosphere
    Controls and approves expenses (trips, etc.), absence requests for their team
    Ensures updates of job definitions according to Group processes
    Prepares reports and reporting documents for the activity.

    4 - Internal Control
    Ensures existing internal control rules are applied (segregation of duties, rights management, etc.)
    Proposes improvements when necessary
    Implement processes to embed internal controls
Job requirements
  • Education requirements:
    graduate degree
  • Education area:
  • Required experience :
    3-5 years
  • Additional information about work experience:
    Financial Controller at least 3 years
  • Personality abilities and skills:
    Adjusting own behaviors to work efficiently and effectively in light of new information, changing situations and/or different environments. Identifying and addressing individual strengths and weaknesses, developmental needs and changing circumstances to enhance personal and organizational performance.

    Listening to others and communicating in an effective manner that fosters open communication.

    Leading and supporting a team to achieve results and facilitating change by English or French at least B2
    promoting the development of skills

    Working collaboratively with others to achieve common goals and positive results
  • Driving license:
  • Other requirements:
    Working collaboratively with others to achieve common goals and positive results
Company information
  • Company:
    Novares Slovakia Automotive s.r.o.
  • Contact:
    Adrián Augustín

Expired job offer, not possible apply.

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