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Our portal is updated daily, a job that you were looking for yesterday might be advertised tomorrow. 

The job portal is the only specialized internet job portal in Europe targeting exclusively companies and individuals working or having worked in the automotive industry. 

Our portal specializes exclusively in the automotive industry; it advertises jobs by manufacturing, sales and service companies in the area of automobiles and automobile-components. Job seekers with previous work experience in this area or those hoping to start a career there after graduation can register for free and start using all the features of the portal.  Students are expected to demonstrate previous experience in the automotive industry – a long-term internship, a project, a diploma thesis, etc. 

Our portal advertises various kinds of jobs in the area of automobile and automobile-component manufacturing,  such as skilled craftsman jobs, but also specialist positions and managerial posts.

Job Courier is a free service of our portal that will enable you to receive job offers by e-mail on the basis of your selected criteria. You can activate it here.

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